Brochure brake cooling fan Brake Cooling Systems
At busy airports, the lay-over time for aircraft is maximally 90 minutes. During this limited time the aircraft must land, taxi to the passenger terminal, take care of the turnover and cool the brakes. The current brake cooling systems however, are not fast enough to stay within the 90 minutes turnover time. With the Resqtec Brake Cooling Fans, turning over even the largest of aircraft – such as the A380 – within these narrow time slots is now possible. The Resqtec brake cooling fan is unique in that – instead of blowing air on the tires – it pulls the hot air away from them significantly reducing the chance of brake disc warping.


R2sRR_JackPoint R2S Jack Point Adapter (JPA) Technology
With the introduction of the JackPoint Adapter (JPA) customers can now choose between the interchangeable low pressure bag interface or the JackPoint Adapter. The JackPoint Adapter is unique in that it is the only system that is guaranteed not to cause any secondary damage for composite aircraft (there is no visual or x-ray stress testing for composite wings/fuselage after recovery).


RESQTEC Brochure1 Total Solution
The recovery of a disabled aircraft demands for different sets of equipment, from lifting to moving. RESQTEC offers a full pack of recovery solutions including risk assessment, product training as well as skilled professionals who can help in the creation and implementation of an aircraft recovery plan.

BROCHURE AR TRAINING_Pagina_1 Aircraft Recovery Expert Training
This brochure contains all the information about the contents and duration of the aircraft recovery training open for anyone who is interested in becoming an aircraft recovery expert.

Introduction RESQTEC1 Company introduction
A brief introduction to the RESQTEC company and what role both Airbus and IATA had in RESQTEC developing their first aircraft recovery solution R2s.




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