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The many aircraft recovery incidents that have been investigated show that the time of a runway closure is determined by 3 aspects; a) appropriate recovery equipment, b) trained personnel and c) a working recovery plan. This document covers 2 aircraft incidents with detailed time lines and provides detailed insight of the possible impact of an aircraft recovery when not being prepared for such event.


ARWP_The_risks_associated06_14 White Paper Aircraft Recovery Part I 
The objective of this white paper is to explain the risk associated with aircraft recovery (AR) and how the changes in air transport, regulations and aircraft design pose an even more substantial risk than ever before. It will also show how regulations cannot by default offer clarity to act adequately and how the need for proper planning can minimize both the financial and public image loss, incurred by the carrier and the airport. A must read for any director of a carrier or airport.

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ARWP_The_recovery_plan06_14 White Paper Aircraft Recovery Part II 
The duration of a runway closure is determined by not only having adequate recovery equipment; it is also influenced by trained personnel and a good recovery plan. This paper will guide you in how to set up a proper recovery plan and how to get prepared for the different scenarios you might face. You will learn that a recovery plan, trained personnel and equipment are your insurance policy to a safe and timely removal of a disabled aircraft; how it minimizes the loss in income and the damage to an airport’s corporate image.

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ARWP_Controlling_AR06_14 White Paper Aircraft Recovery Part III 
This paper illustrates the magnitude of the Aircraft Recovery Manual (ARM) during any aircraft recovery operation and reveals how the ever evolving aircraft design is directly responsible for the complexities and challenges aircraft recovery teams face during recovery operations. After having read this paper you will understand what specifications and requirements to seek for when looking into buying recovery equipment.

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