Frontliner Fx4
Combination tool ideal for most rescue operations. Its powerful capacity allows for easy and controlled spreading, cutting and even pulling of the strongest materials.
Frontliner Fx6
Provides high spreading and cutting performance. The jaws are easy to detach, to change and to reattach, altering the FX6 from spreader to a cutter.
Frontliner Fx2 integrated
Outfitted with a hand pump, spreading, cutting and pulling capabilities, making it the perfect solution for rescue operations where it is impossible to bring in a power unit.
Frontliner Fx2
The lightness and the ability to spread, cut and pull makes it the ultimate tool for the first strike. The Fx2 is compact, easy to handle and gives the ability to get into narrow spaces.
Frontliner Chain and Shackle
Chain and shackle used to pull objects.
Frontliner Pulling Jaw
For use in combination with the chain and shackles.
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